Warren Buffett sayings about patience

2 min readAug 28, 2022

I know, I know. People always quote Warren Buffett. But I am publishing this for my own good. Openly and on my Medium profile forever, so that I always have a quick place to visit them.

You are more than welcome to follow along, bookmark or share this page, so that you also can visit these quotes whenever you need a quick jolt of long-termism.

Here they are, three quotes from Buffett, about key skill I want to focus more on as I age — patience:

Quote 1: Let Ideas Flow Naturally and Wait For Them

“You do things when the opportunities come along. I’ve had periods in my life when I’ve had a bundle of ideas come along, and I’ve had long dry spells. If I get an idea next week, I’ll do something. If not, I won’t do a damn thing.”

Quote 2: It’s Okay To Do Nothing

“I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think. That is very uncommon in American business. I read and think. So I do more reading and thinking, and make less impulse decisions than most people in business.”

Quote 3: Plant The Tree and Wait

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”


I also published an entire guide about Warren Buffett on my personal website. It’s free and open to everyone, anywhere. Let me know what you think.

Warren Buffett Quote Patience




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